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About Me

My photographic journey began many years ago with documenting family, events and travel. Over time, I realized how much pleasure I derived from capturing the essence of a special moment or the beauty of a landscape. Photography became a lifelong commitment.

I earned a B.A. from Mt. Holyoke College and worked in business as well as gifted/talented education before earning an M.A. in English/Non-Fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire.  I studied photography at the New Hampshire Institute 

 of Art, spending a year in black and white photography and a year in color. I've written travel articles for New Hampshire newspapers and the Boston Globe, and I’ve photographed around the world for several travel companies, allowing me to combine my two passions of photography and travel. I belong to camera clubs in both New Hampshire and Florida, where I spend winters.

Having left my heavy Canon equipment behind, I now photograph with a mirrorless Fuji XT-5. No matter my camera choice, however, I believe that the photographer’s eye is more important than the equipment in creating outstanding images. To this end, I continuously strive to hone my photographic skills in this ever-changing digital world, while evolving my vision in pursuit of memorable images. What fun!

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